“Black-Looking” Female, White Father, Glaring Eyes.

10346443_10204989872650286_193169338635475121_nKayla Doering,
Statesboro, GA.

My father is of Irish descent and my Mother is Native American. Something I’ve always dealt with while being out in public with my father is people staring at us like we were a rare species. Growing up, while running daily errands with my father, I remember older women asking if I was adopted. In school I was constantly asked if my sister and I were my mother’s children, and if my BIOLOGICAL father was my step father. Even now as a college student out in the world on my own, people always mistake me for hispanic or african american. I had one classmate tell me, “Well you look a little black, so you must be black”; and he was utterly astonished when I showed him a picture of my parents. The looks and the ignorance is something I’ve gotten used to, but I would be lying if I said it’s not something that has gotten under my skin.


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