Black man, white girl kissing; beautifully scared.

05_cs_4x5Tracey Rae Palmer,
Myrtle Beach, SC.

I was told never to kiss a n***** or get close to them; they would only rob you or kill you for money. I found myself in collage in 1979 and a black man got an “A” in his class. With arms held wide and incredible excitement, he kissed me and continued to celebrate with the other classmates. I just stood there. It was not different, it was wonderful. I was scared to say anything because he may come back and … then what?

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4 Responses to "Black man, white girl kissing; beautifully scared."
  1. Xavier says:

    Black men now a days like to prove themselves in the classroom to show people that there smart!

  2. Adelaide says:

    Racial differences shouldn’t affect how one does in school if they have suitable access to a proper education.

  3. Mia says:

    Its a good thing that you thought that a fear that you had in life ended up being beautiful to you.

  4. †♥Chrissy†♥ ™ツ says:

    This statement is so powerful because it shows how bad society is and judgmental they are .

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