You black? Passe blanc. No, Creole.

Goins-FamilyAugust A. Goins Jr.,
Atlanta, GA.

Growing up as a light skin black man of creole decent, people assume I want to be white. Not because of something I said or did, but based solely on my skin color. As if I had a choice of my skin color. I’m proud of who I am, and my skin color is part of me. When someone makes a comment, usually derogatory, about my color, I reply, “Contrary to popular believe, I like my skin color. And I wouldn’t change it for anything or anyone.”

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One Response to "You black? Passe blanc. No, Creole."
  1. barry irving says:

    …Creoles are proud of their Heritage as all should be. What you experienced is what some experience “from” Creoles…many are into the color scale and frown on darker skin!

    …Amber Rose who is Creole, talked about it just recently. She said many of her close family did not attend her wedding because she married a dark skinned man. She said that their belief was that they are “better”…as Creoles.

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