Black teen boys scare white people.

Tim McGovern,
Chicago, IL.

I live in a racially integrated neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. You go to the playgrounds and there are kids of all races playing together, parents talking over coffee and bonding over the crazy things that four-year-olds do. The public school kindergartens, first grades, second grades, third and fourth, all full of different color faces. Sixth, seventh, eighth…high school: where’d all the white people go? “Oh, we’re worried, the school has discipline issues in the upper grades.” “I wouldn’t feel like my daughter is safe there.” …. what’s going on? These are the same families you’ve known since your kids were running around naked in the fountain as toddlers, but all of a sudden, they’ve turned into Young Black Men. And that scares off white people. And we all lose out.


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