Black? White? Where are my Hispanics?

DSCN1342Janice Mendoza,
East Lansing, MI.

I moved to Michigan from Southern California in middle school. I was very shocked to find out that there were not many Latinos in my new area. I felt very out of place. I am current student at Michigan State. I loved the idea of diversity when I got accepted into this school. However, I am now here with the opportunity to be around people of my culture through organizations and I still feel out of place. I feel very disconnected from my people. I wish that I could experience more of my culture in my everyday life. Culture is a very important aspect of ourselves as individuals. I am fighting to keep my culture alive in a land full of assimilation.

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13 Responses to "Black? White? Where are my Hispanics?"
  1. Brian Jr. says:

    If you would like to experience some hispanic “culture”, why don’t you go to school in one of those beautiful central American countries, like El Salvador or Honduras? Why wouldn’t you want to assimilate here? If hispanic culture is so remarkable, why are they all coming here? Is it part of hispanic culture to have to go to a white country in order to succeed?

  2. bluefission says:

    Why dont you leave America pale skin and go back to where ever your people came from? You dont belong in this country or even on this planet. Even the sun hates you! Go stand in the sun for an hour…lol

  3. Armadillo says:

    Ignore these ignorant haters, and find clubs, neighborhoods, churches or somewhere you can explore your background. God Bless.

  4. bluefission says:

    You are are a cave dwelling neanderthal. Do you know how many white people are on foodstamps?? Lots but assholes like you choose to point out us like we are the only ones that use them… You are a pig!

  5. Erica Fiasky says:

    Janice! I am an advisor in South Neighborhood Holden Hall and started a workshop series “Mujer a Mujer” last fall, please look up our group Mujer a Mujer on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@mujer_msu) for updates about the workshops coming up! We will definitely connect you with what you are looking for. 🙂 I look forward to meeting you!

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