Blacks can own nice things too!

Dede C.,
San Francisco, CA.

My six words is relevant to a personal story of mine and other minorities. The stereotype is that Blacks are poor and lack education so commit illegal crimes to obtain the luxuries we want. Because of this stereotype, people are oblivious to the fact that we are capable of working hard for the expensive cars, homes, and electronic devices we want. I can remember on my tenth birthday, my mother went to Best Buy and bought me a brand new T.V. She had been planning to buy this gift for me that I had been wanting for a while and had worked hard at her job to save up for it. To her disbelief, the cops stopped her while the T.V was boxed up and wrapped in the backseat of the car. They stopped her on the assumption that she stole the T.V despite my mother showing them the receipt for it. They had taken her to court and after 30 minutes or so, she was let go. Coming home to me on my birthday with anger from the injustice of the police officers that day had such a negative effect on me. That was when I first began to have negative feelings towards cops and the law enforcement system.

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