Blacks Are Their Own Worst Enemies!


I grew up in a small mountain town in Northwest Georgia after my mother ended her military career and took me back to her hometown. All of her maternal family and most of her paternal family was there, so she thought she would have a great support system,but her family was the greediest most self serving backstabbers you could ever meet! My mother raised me alone and often struggled, but despite this I excelled academically and actively rejected any associations with these people. As a result I was labelled a snob and my mother criticized for allowing it. It took my mother a very long time to realize that it wasn’t society keeping her down but rather her own kind who weren’t trying to improve themselves and didn’t want anyone else to succeed. Finally when she was in her darkest hour and no one aided her aside from me she understood. I left the south immediately after high school because I had only applied to universities at least 600 miles away and ended up with a full ride to a university in ND.

I invited my mother up and paid for her bus ticket b/c she had fallen into such a deep depression as a result of exploitation and backstabbing by her so called family. That was 3 years ago and my mother and myself are doing much better than we ever did in Georgia. We also don’t communicate with her family anymore either because they became even viler after realising I,the uppity white acting snob, had taken their whipping girl away. During this time frame I’ve also had the displeasure of contact from my biological father and after finding him and his family to be of the similar toxic ghetto stock ran fast AWAY telling him to NEVER contact me again! It’s such a shame,but my 20 years have taught me that if a Black person wants to get ahead they need to RUN not walk away from the community and relationships that would keep him or her oppressed for eternity just to make themselves feel better about their own underachievement.


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