Blind eyes don’t see a problem

David Q. Booker
Chula Vista, CA

This is a fantastic project. For some time I have been trying to come with my 6 words but I’ve struggled. Not sure what happened but as I was listening to a segment on Morning Edition, regarding the March on Washington commemoration, it just came to me. I was born in 1962 and I believe my generation was the first to brought up without the vestiges of Jim Crow. I grew up in mostly black community and attending a historically black university. Upon graduation I was commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy. All of my life I had been giving the talk by my elders and teachers but had never really faced outright racism. It wasn’t until I was aboard ship that I ran smack into it. I don’t want to go into detail but needless that, yes racism still exist and it is truly painful when it happens to you.

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One Response to "Blind eyes don’t see a problem"
  1. Nikki says:

    I hope one day everyone is “blind” and don’t give into the stereotypes that define us.

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