But what about your blue eyes?

Dilyn Grasp,
Boring, OR.

I am a white woman from a small town in Oregon (look it up, it’s a real place). My boyfriend is a first generation American. His parents are from China and Taiwan. When we started dating two years ago (when I was 20 and old enough to make my own decisions), plenty of people in my hometown gave their concern: “Your children will be mixed.” “Your blue eyes will not be passed on!” “Your children won’t get that strawberry blonde hair, you know.” “You’re lucky he is so tall!” “You know, he is kind of attractive… for an Asian.”

Is it so concerning that my future children will look like my boyfriend simply because he is another race? I, for one, am looking forward to the day my little one looks up at me with her daddy’s brown eyes and dark hair. Because it isn’t about the color of her or her daddy’s skin/hair/eyes but about the deep love I know we will all have for each other. I am thankful for his brown eyes so full of love, despite the micro-aggressions and subtle discrimination he has faced.


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