To boldly go…guess the rest

iXK8Yn47EpsjU1Blair Brown,
Baltimore, MD.

“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” These words have defined the human experience long before they were ever spoken aloud or put down on paper.

I am neither interested in,nor feel the need to rehash our past in this country. Frankly what I do know is much more than I care to remember. I am more interested in moving forward into the future. Into the unknown.

Unfortunately,for us all,there are those of us in this country-on both sides-who are unwilling or unable to let go of the divisions between us despite the face that those divisions are merely on the surface. They seem content to raise the spectres of the past,uncomfortable with the idea of confronting the hard questions of the future and the potentially wonderful and awesome possibilities over the next horizons. Of seeing what’s beyond ourselves and into the new frontiers. both here and beyond our world.

Furthermore there are those who are not only determined to hold us back,but seek to regress us to a time before freedom was a right of all sentient beings and was instead the province of a chosen few,the elite who actively seek to have their every conscious decision made for them by petty and brutal tyrants whose unquestioned power would check-if not halt altogether-every human endeavor which would continue our spiritual and physical evolution and have us do nothing but sing the praises of the Slavemaster day and night for all eternity. Worse yet,these pitiful….idiots….seek not lonely to deepen preexsisting divides but to create new ones to further their need for continued ignorance amongst the masses who would otherwise see their lies for what they were and rise up against them.

Only when we are willing to do this,will these hideous divisions continue to impede our growth as a people,a species and as a civilization

It is my fervent hope that one day all the flags of the world-from the U.S. Flag to the Rainbow will one day be hauled down-because we don’t need those flags anymore-because will all have choosen of our own free will,to unite under a new banner,one tha will one day encompass the whole Universe.


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