Brilliance Is Not Determined By Color

KELLYKelly K. Buck,
Harrisburg, PA.

Unfortunately as events have shown, some still believe that its either the only or contributing factor, as to how others should be treated. The value and potential of life, doesn’t decrease because of the shade of our skin.

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3 Responses to "Brilliance Is Not Determined By Color"
  1. Jay Dubya says:

    Absolutely true. But I believe this is the message that we’ve been trying to get across for quite some time. The better question is what is it that makes people believe that this is the case. Then we need to debunk the theories. There are no valid reasons for this way of thinking, so it should be easy unless you are dealing with someone who is just ignorant for ignorant’s sake.

  2. barry irving says:

    I agree…that’s um, a great view!

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