But you don’t look Puerto Rican

For-Le-Connoisseur-3-1Natalia de Cuba Romero.
Massapequa Park, NY.

IN my heart and in my head I have always thought of myself as Puerto Rican, Born in Queens, NY to a Puerto Rican mom and a dad from Aruba and a bilingual home, lived in Puerto Rico for a number of years…but I’ve always looked like a white girl: sadly straight hips, no ass to speak of (at least in the way we think of ass in the Caribbean) light-skinned, green eyes, light brown hair that’s neither curly nor straight…oh! the tragedy! My black friends would urge me to just pass, cause it’s easier, but when you have “la musiquita por dentro”(the music inside), can you? When it is not exactly about race but about ethnicity and culture, what does it mean? Funnily enough, when my son was born, with exactly my white girl coloring, there I’d be, speaking to this nursing baby in Spanish exclusively, and the unbidden question would come up in my head: “How is this little leprechaun ever going to understand you? Look at him! He’s a gringo!” As if our appearance when we are born is our destiny, down to the language we speak. And perhaps it is. So do I wish I were born looking more stereotypically Puerto Rican? Yes, and no. I would have liked to be curvier, sassier. I would have made a career out of my mom’s insanely thick, curly, long dark hair. However, I like being the Stealth bomber of the Latino world. I may not look Puerto Rican, but here I am, watching, spying, learning about what white Americans really think..

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  1. Middle Class White Guy says:

    The fight was won. Move on.

    • LDS150 says:

      Says the white guy.

      • Amman Sabet says:

        As if not being white gives you some bullshit leg up in the dialogue.

        • American Rican says:

          It’s total bullshit to hear Latin Americans call Americans racist. Pot meet kettle. So f*cking sick of Latin Americans stirring the pot. Not me. Americans are the best people on the f*cking planet. Que viva America y los Americanos! Long live America and the American people!

    • ghanderman says:

      what fight? the one to kiss your patronizing ass? lol, i believe self-deluded douche bag is the correct term for you.

      • Middle Class White Guy says:

        Hey, you’re supposed to express a pretty complicated opinion in 6 words. I think I’m the only person to do that so far. The point with that obviously controversial statement is that since legal equality has been obtained, maybe we’re to the point where all this dwelling on race actually does more to perpetuate the differences than it does to help.

        BTW, foul language and name calling doesn’t help anyone either.

        • powerbabei says:

          Legal equality does not eradicate racism. There. Summed up in six words. And the honest truth, by the way. As a white male your own reality shields you from that truth in a myriad of ways. Just sayin’….

          • Anonymous says:

            Once again, I can not believe the crap you post. White American’s ‘reality’ does not shield them from any sort of racial truth. Your country is ridiculous. If white Americans are racially ignorant than colored Americans are more so, at least the colored that try to push their self-serving, one-sided views on whites. That victim seat gets pretty comfy for your fat American butts doesn’t it?

          • Javontae Eaddy says:

            “Self serving, one sided views”….as if whites dont have that, HA HA!……..

    • Eva says:

      I’m white. And I’m sick of white people telling other ethnicities that they have to ‘get over’ the ingrained history of racism in this country. You when the ‘fight was won’? Freakin’ yesterday. So get over the fact that we aren’t over it yet.

  2. Adam C Smith says:

    You’re spying on White Americans? Really? Sounds pretty racist.

    • But, people who make the comment, “But, you don’t look Puerto Rican” aren’t racist? Oookay. If ignorant white Americans would stop making such outrageously stupid and racist comments, then she wouldn’t feel as if she needed to “spy on” white America from the outside.

      • J.B. says:

        I think both sides are “wrong.” Saying that a person doesn’t “look” Puerto Rican is ignorant. Based in a general lack of ethnic awareness. On the same hand, implying that being a white woman means having no hips, boring hair, no soul or music inside…without “sass”…that is what I would consider to be a racial stereotype too. By saying that she is “spying” on white Americans, I can only assume she means that she feels like an outsider due to the ignorant comments, but is willing to play along. That’s fine, but condescending. So, thanks for playing the race card and feeding into racial stereotypes on multiple levels yourself, Natalia.

        • LDS150 says:

          It was a joke.

        • I think you have no clue. I was born and lived most my life in the US so I understand how you look at things. Now I live on a island off of Hondruas for about 12 yrs now that is all mixed blacks whites browns from all over the world we love and hate each other but its not about color or race. If you come a different place or ethnic back ground we like to point it out and tease about it over the years I have become a bit racist I think. I dont much care for most people from the states color dont matter. They look at things like you. Here if you have a big head you get called big head. if your real black you would get called nagro or like me they call me gringo if your fat your called gordo ect ect and it is all ok thats who we are. People are different, talk different act different. I have never heard here racial stereotypes ,ethnic awareness . How sad so many of you still think, act and talk that way. I think its mostly the blacks and whites not so much the browns. Dam can I say that or did I brake some kind of rule Dont read so much into nothing. People are different thats thats

        • ghanderman says:

          nah, its a cultural stereotype that happens to be true. white people ARE boring. they have no culture to speak of other than a very long history of brutally oppressing everyone not in their little “in club” (including of their own “race”). any culture that they do have thats of any kind of interesting theyve appropriated from people of color. white culture has no soul…its an empty vapid mish mash of materialism, cultural parasitism and narcissism. it aint racist if its true hahahahaha

          • powerbabei says:

            I think you’re referring to Conservative, Right Wing white people, because then you’re on the mark. Outside of that backward thinking segment of their population, white people tend to be quite cultured, talented, interesting and very progressive. The ones I tend to meet, at least. So, I guess it depends on where you are from…

          • Anonymous says:

            So conservatives and right wing people are ‘backwards’ then? If that wasn’t one of the most brainless generalizations I’ve heard this year.
            American politics. Both sides of which are like little children screeching at each other. Both can have good values. Both seem too stupid to get anything worthwhile done.
            Do you people not realize the situation you’re in?
            I could go on and on about the current conservatives, but that would give you more fuel, and you obviously don’t need anything that adds to the swell of your head.
            Do you think you are so much better than them because you are progressive? You’re not. Liberalism (American Psycho Liberalism that is) and progressivism are the mainstream politics at the moment. Most of the media is controlled by the ‘Left’. It gives people like you your own little hug box were your contempt for any kind of different thinking is encouraged by like-minded bigots, Where you can be assured that your way of thinking is the only moral and correct way.
            Oh, how I hate seeing the American conservative argue with American Liberal. The ‘discussion’ is sure to fry a few brain cells with how nonsensical it is. While the conservative usually seems to hate any sort of change for the betterment of your country, the Liberal seems to be unable to comprehend the facts in life. Rather than discuss the issue as an adult, when confronted with unsavory facts the Liberals always falls back on using an unduly smug ‘you’re ignorant.’
            If Liberalism and Progressivism are so great why is your country not so great anymore? And it’s not getting better. Do you people really know what communism is? Do you not see how you’re becoming less and less free? You are on your way to a dictatorship, and you are too lazy or too stupid to get off your couches and do something about it.
            You are crazy if you think your weak 2 party political system will help you now. Both are corrupt and manipulate ALL of you, they keep Americans in the dark expertly.
            You progressives seem to be trying to emulate Europe. Do you know that I don’t have the freedom of speech you do? Have you been paying attention to the civil unrest in Europe? Try watching news hosted outside the USA.
            Perhaps you should all work together to make a 3rd party? Neither of you are going to help your country.

          • American Rican says:

            Wow. Such hate. Must stem from a severe inferiority complex? Such hate usually does. If you want to read long histories of people “brutally” oppressing others, you need to read up on Latin America and the totalitarian, supremacist ideology of moehammydism. Even the mongols have nothing on moehammydism where legal slavery still exists.

      • Eileen Onme says:

        I don’t think it’s racist to say someone doesn’t look like the typical puerto rican and doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is ignorant. It’s not putting any judgments on the person or their culture or character, it is merely recognizing that the person has a genetic profile different from what is most common in puerto rico. Don’t pretend there are not genetic characteristics that align with geographic areas. As soon as you start to pull that “I don’t see color” crap, you are just fueling the fire for racists who are trying to prove you’re full of crap. It is a wide misconception that racists are ignorant idiots – they spend more time researching this stuff than you or I do.

        • Javontae Eaddy says:

          But being a racist is ignorant….who goes around and bothers people because of their “race” and skin color?? There are so many more important things in this world to worry about……

    • kneelbeforetigers says:

      Don’t be bitter because someone’s actually getting to see the inside workings of the Real ‘Murrican Club.

    • Andrew Chai says:

      She’s not spying, just observing.

    • paarka21 says:

      The ghastly marginalization of white Americans in this country brings my blood to a boil! Preach it, my brother!

    • Teresa says:

      The “spying” is not deliberate. Are those of us who “don’t look xyz” supposed to announce our ethnic background to white people in case anybody was thinking of saying what’s truly in his/her nasty little mind? It’s not our fault certain people are too ignorant to know there is a lot of variety in every ethnic/racial group.

  3. Reinhardt says:

    At least people will know what race ou are talking about when you correct them. I was born to a very old, but very small in-bred religion in the United States. I can’t claim to be foreign, and I look like any other white woman, but I have both a culture and an ethnicity that most American’s aren’t informed enough to have prejudices about.

  4. molly von berg says:

    race exists, but it shouldn’t control.

    • ghanderman says:

      race doesnt exist. jeezus, cmon people at least spend the effort in researching the thing so you can make educated comments.

      • Erin says:

        We confuse ethnicity and race in this country. Ethnicity and physical variations don’t make race. We are all member of the human race- nothing else really matters. Read the AAA’s statement on Race- it’s helpful in understanding where the confusion of terms came from and how it became common in our society.

  5. Light Skinned says:

    Oh my goodness! Being a very light skinned Puerto Rican with blue eyes I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I dont think its racist at all…..to make an observation that when people think you are white they say things to you they wouldn’t say to someone who they new was a minority. And I say that from 1st hand experience. Also the title “You font look Puerto Rican” is so timely as I was just speaking about this with someone the other day. For some reason, when you are racially ambiguous, people feel they have the right to question the way you identify as if THEY have more expertise on what constitutes being Puerto Rican, or Asian or Black for that matter. Its so insulting to you and so embarrassing for them and it yet it happens to me (and I am sure you)….CONSTANTLY. kudos.

  6. Kalei says:

    I think the point is people say and do things they might not if they knew your ancestry vs assumptions of your ethnicity based on your phenotype…..I get it this from all sides. Lot of Mexican and Latino slurs in my direction. I’m not Latino. But has made me challenge those slurs when people in the Pacific Island Community jump on the scapegoat bandwagon. I know wha it’s like to be mistaken as- and then suffer the negative stereotypes on account of that mistaken perception, and I don’t like it- for me, or anyone….Many white Americans say things around me assuming I feel as they do. Or even white Europeans in other countries when they talk negatively about my dad’s people. Before I tell them- uh, my dad is of that background and that community raised me.. I hear people in the community I was raised in make racial slurs against my white family before they know they are mine! Oh, gosh. hahahaha. Will this negative labeling and scapegoating ever end? We need to overcome discrimination, where ever it is, even inside ourselve, but when you have the ambiguous look- hahaha- it’s a full time job.

  7. spdkween says:

    ‘latinos” come in all colors. Who do you think conquered this New World? And what about the millions of Africans brought over as slaves? Oh yeah, and the natives that were already here?

    • vibez says:

      natives were killed and replaced with africans..

      • agree says:

        Not all natives were killed, some fled to the mountains in P.R. The population ended up mixing with Africans, other Spaniard, French, Italians and other immigrants and that is why Puertorricans are so mixed.

        • American Rican says:

          Well, actually, the Tainos were decimated within 40 years of Spanish arrival, and they were a peaceful tribe unlike the Caribes. Because of the wonton rape of Taino women, a large percentage of PRicans carry the mitochondrial dna of the Tainos. Let’s please not sugar coat our historical past. We treated the Tainos and the Africans we imported brutally. PRico did import less slaves than either Cuba or the DR, so that is why in the 2000 census, 80% of the island self-identified as “white.”

  8. AliRose says:

    Um, I am 100% a white girl and have hips and ass that could rival anyone out there. Please don’t stereotype us.: “…but I’ve always looked like a white girl: sadly straight hips, no ass to speak of (at least in the way we think of ass in the Caribbean)”

    • Jen says:

      “at least in the way we think of ass in the Caribbean” She doesn’t mean all white people have no ass. She means that she doesn’t have the curves expected of Puertorrican women (See: Jennifer Lopez).

      • Julie says:

        Nope, AliRose was right. The sentence would have made perfect sense as “I HAVE sadly straight hips, no ass to speak of (at least in the way we think of
        ass in the Caribbean) light-skinned, green eyes, light brown hair
        that’s neither curly nor straight…oh! the tragedy!”, and gotten her point across, that she doesn’t feel as though she physically resembles her ancestry.

        Instead, she chose to start with “…always looked like a white girl: sadly straight…”. How is that not stereotyping?

        Regardless, I thought it was a great little essay.

    • Fred says:

      Right on.

    • Boricua says:

      Ali, I believe she is just noting how she does not fit the “Puerto Rican” stereotype, and not the other way around 🙂 the curves, the skin, the eyes and her hair color, although she fits the stereotype inside: the music, the language and her culture.

    • American Rican says:

      Go girl.

    • heidy says:

      It’s genetics not a stereotype, but it’s understandable why you felt offended.

    • david says:

      Shut up, this isnt about you white girl..

    • Babs says:

      Oh shut up.

  9. Alfredo Z says:

    Wow can so relate! Half Dominican and half Mexican but puro huero! Blue eyes, white, light hair. I had to bridge the divide of living amongst mostly Mexicans in California, but identifying more with Caribbean culture on my moms side. Breakfast could consist of refried beans, eggs, rice and mashed plantains, with cafe con leche. People meet me now and presume I must be Italian all the time because of my first name. I also had to bridge the divide amongst Latinos who were darker skinned but didn’t speak spanish and here I come out of Ozzie and Harriets house yet speaking spanish. I have to admit I do play the stealth, incognito card all the time around my own! Maybe catch them saying something about me without them knowing it! And Music! I grew up listening to Les Zeppelin, Celia Cruz, and La Sonora Santanera. Any way I dig these conversations.

  10. I think you are very lucky except the butt part, just think if it was the other way around. I have a friend that was born in Mia Fla looks Cuban but is a Gringo.an speeks no spanish. He got his butt kicked by everybody. And this guy with the last comment Adam C Smith get over yourself with the racist thing. I think your a loser so I must be racist too but dont tell my GF. Shes black and she says, shes too black for me when she gets mad at me. If she finds out Iam racist I wont get anymore of that black spanish bootie.
    The End

  11. Still Anonymous says:

    That’s funny. I’m white but I speak Spanish and look Puerto Rican, so I’ve been spying on Puerto Ricans to find out what they really think. We’re like bizarro twins!

    • Javontae Eaddy says:

      Ummmmm quick question…..how do you *look* puerto rican???

      • Xiomary says:

        That’s what I say all the time. “How do you look Puerto Rican?”
        Dominican, Cuban for that matter. Bugs me out when I hear people say that. Puerto rico is an island of different races. Nobody is a native to the island, except ciboney indians, I believe. People base that question on what is filtered through media/society. It’s pretty much a question out of vanity to me. You can’t look ‘puerto rican’! It’s not a race!!! Yes, the woman in this article IS white. Her family is arubian and ricans.

        • disqus_9HncxCqL5x says:

          The Siboney Indians were native of The Hispaniola and Cuba NOT PUERTO RICO THAT WAS TAINO LAND

          • DrOrtega says:

            Just as ethnicity is not black and white, neither is history. My dear, I don’t know much about the history of Puerto Rico, but I am well versed in Dominican and Haitian history, i.e. Hispaniola, and I can tell you, there were definitely Tainos there.

          • Babs says:

            Wrong. Tainos are from Puerto Rico.

        • Babs says:

          What????? You sound stupid. I can spot a Dominican from a mile away.

      • Rose Marie Arroyo Mendez says:

        There is no such thing as “look Puerto Rican”

  12. God it is so very aggravating that ‘Racism’ is brought into this equation whatsoever. If someone said ‘I’m from New Orleans’ and they were actually from the Bronx, someone would probably say….’Realllllly? Because, it sure doesn’t sound like you are from New Orleans. You must be a transplant right?’ Its not freaking racism. Its normal. When something defies a human sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch,….we question it. So why when it comes to skin tone should it be any different? Oh, because we need to be politically correct because people have been living in climate controlled structures for so long we are actually quite sensitive to sunlight and reality…

    • ghanderman says:

      “politically correct” is just a way of saying you need to chill the fack out and learn how to be respectful to people. and america needs it more than others because it is steeped in barrels of blood since its inception.

      • American Rican says:

        Oh really? I’m so tired of the white man bashing by Hispanics who imported four times as many Africans to Latin America, three times as many in Brazil alone, and who have later emancipation dates than the US. If you look at the demographic economic breakdown of Latin America, you see just how RACIST Hispanics are: to this day, blacks in Latin America are on the bottom end of both economic and educational attainment. You need to chill the f*ck out and learn some history. You want to read about massacres of native peoples and Africans enslaved? Read Latin American history.

    • Diego Rivero says:

      Well, I’m from “Nuohrlans” and the funniest part comes from the ignorami who assert I have an “English Accent” [which is even stranger in that my first name is “Diego”] blissfully unaware that there was something common to certain “port cities” of the Old South known as “Southern English”–and I do not mean that falsetto twang over magnolias! Only a complete jackass would associate skin tone with “nationality” or “ethnicity”, and such has little to do with PC and also ignores the fact that other societies and groups have their versions of such ignorance. It is more subtle but I can not recount the number of times certain Spanish speakers commented about me while blissfully concluding I did not speak Spanish. I always loved to see the dropped jaws when I bid them “adieu” in punctilious Castillian.

    • Brian says:

      I agree Marty people in the USA are so easily offended and need to chill out! As for the green eyed and blue eyed PR Signora’s you are mostly white you two Mexicano Signore Latino/Latina’s need to remeber they to have some to a lot of white admixture as well ( SPAIN) (PORTUGAL) (ITALY) thats Latin American history. EL CONQUISTADORS and you guys are a mixture of the two or three depending on the region of the Americas you are from. Italians are a sister people to Spainiards and Portugese. CIAO AMICOS/AMICA’S .

  13. Andy Shores says:

    Maravilloso! Creo que esto es muy emocionante. Usted es uno de mis periodistas favoritos. Yo también soy un espía! jajaja … Soy blanco. Latinos no saben que los escucho y entiendo.

  14. James Mitchell says:

    Spying on white America? She’s gonna be bored to tears! 😛

    • Teresa says:

      Listening in on white America is an eye-opening experience. Sometimes the stuff of nightmares. As one who “doesn’t look or sound Mexican”, it is quite shocking to hear what white America says when they think they are exclusively among “their own”. And it is quite enlightening to see how different they act once they realize you really aren’t one of them.

        • Salem says:

          I think we all need to go back home, since the land belongs to the American Indian. Nevertheless, we have kill 2/3 of their population. Some tribes have been exterminated not only by diseases but mass murder by the American cavalry. Funny!!!

          • Rose Marie Arroyo Mendez says:

            Right. That is one reason I do not celebrate “Thanksgiving”, a celebration to hide a genocide of North American Indians.

      • American Rican says:

        As a Spanish-speaking white Puerto Rican American, I can tell you it is shocking to hear some of the things Latin Americans don’t think I can understand them say. Why do they come here if they hate Americans and America? They call Americans racist when in their own countries, the history and reality for blacks and native Americans, is horrid. Hypocrites.

  15. I lived in Massapequa PK too 🙂 I am full blooded Puerto Rican, Both parents born there as well as myself and I was always called La Blanquita, La Flaca.. and with my Blue/green eyes it didn’t help me when we moved to the Bronx, NY & all the Puerto Rican’s not accepting me as well as the African American’s. I had to prove myself just to be accepted. So YES I can relate!

  16. Julian says:

    I think it is funny that she appears to be critical of racial generalizations, yet she makes them about white girls not having an ass, or having straight hips. Who is she talking about? Seriously, I know many white girls who are curvy. White girls come in as many different shapes as Hispanic or African American women.

    • powerbabei says:

      She clearly hasn’t seen white girls lately….. They all have ass now, at least the ones in New York City! And real booties, not the store bought kind. Evolution happens, honey. 🙂

      • agree says:

        Eveyone mixing together, once people look into their ancestry they would be shocked to know how mixed we reall ALL are.

        • Javontae Eaddy says:

          The statement is kinda true. White girls nowadays do have ass. I wouldnt say its evolution though, thats just silly and illogical. More like from doing squats and yoga and wearing leggins everywhere that makes their asses look bigger than they actually are. But for the most part, white girls generally have flat asses and hips…unless theyre thick and chunky.

    • Buffy says:

      Uh no. We are shaped differently. The majority of black and Caribbean girls, because of their african ancestery have ass and hips. The majority of white girls don’t because of their ancestry. It is genetics and it’s a fact. No stereotypes but a fact. There will always be exception to the rule but in general her statement is correct.

      • Sorry Buffy. You’re simply wrong. It depends a lot on what “white” means (to you…). White and black folk all have the same physical characteristics depending on the person-ever see an albino African? I have, and you would never know he wasn’t “white”. Race is a social construct, and meaningless in the objective world.

      • AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo says:

        Oh, I see! If I said Blacks are “shaped different” You’ll go nuts! You say NO STEREOTYPE/ JUST FACT? BS! BS!BS! IF I SAID IT, YOU’D BE SAYING….”WACHATALKIN BOUT! IMMAFA-Q-UP!” NO STEREOTYPES? OKAY….

        You mean like black men have thick thighs and bowed legs that won’t allow their draws to fall ? Ergo…”saggin”? No other race can “sagg” without a belt, AND YOU STILL HAVE TO PULL YOUR DRAWS UP!
        You mean those big tri-state lips? That protruding huge jaw…..
        You mean the misscolored palms and feet?
        You mean your unique hoarse ‘black’ voices?
        You mean how black women often crush the back of their pumps effectively wearing them as sandals when their abnormality large heel ball rips the shoe seam?
        You mean that gross overweight only blacks do better?….Nah, my eyes must be ‘rayciss’……mona pendeja.

  17. Erin says:

    I think people fail to remember that Puerto Rican people are a mixture of European, African, and Native peoples. There are so many skin tones, hair and eye colours as well as any other sort of classifier you could possibly give a human being.

  18. Izzman says:

    I’m an average Puerto Rican (Dark straight hair olive completion ojos color café – brown eyes) if there is such a thing. We shouldn’t expect other people to understand our history. Most people couldn’t find Puerto Rico on the map or understand its complicated history with the U.S. Many people see me as an Arab when I let my bear grow (until I start speaking Spanish) I tell them “blame it on the moors” that throws them for a loop. The one thing that does rub me the wrong way (my Boricua friends will agree) is when I’m told “you speak English well” ( I grew up in NYC). My normal response “so do you”. Our people are mix of Indigenous, European and African. In essence a stew or as we
    say it on the island “un sancocho”. To my sister Natalia I salute and you look very much like some of the women in my family. If you ever find yourself in San Sebastian PR trust me you won’t stand out. You’ll just be another lovely Puerto Rican woman.

    • powerbabei says:

      I hear you on the “you speak English well” as I am Black American and get that all the time. I see that as one of the most ignorant things someone can say to you just based on your skin tone. Ask me where I was born and raised before you start making assumptions about me and “how I speak”.

      Also, know that many people are comfortable with the old stereotypes, and refuse to change their minds about them – can’t make them, they’re not having it. Being able to look at other people as inferior in certain ways keeps them in a comfort zone. So, even as a plain perfect English speaking “minority”, they are going to try to see that as somehow abnormal whether you were born in America or not. We have a long way to go to reach this “colorblind” state I keep hearing about.

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve used the Moor explanation before too! <3

    • American Rican says:

      “complicated history with the US?” What’s complicated about our history with the US? The Spainards went running and took everything they had with them. The Americans came in and fed Puerto Rico and is still feeding PR today, even though their hand is constantly being bit by our stupid “orgullo.” We owe America everything! And I for one am very grateful for all America has done for Puerto Rico. I frankly don’t know why Americans put up with our bullshit.

    • Lorenzo Artista Rafael says:

      Ayeah don’t exclude the taino root.

    • Xiomary says:

      Lol. I was born and raised in NY as well. Went to school from kindergarten thru grad school in the states and when I go into the chinese food spot I get some fool trying to speak the MOST broken down pathetic spanish to me like I never spoke english. I stop them with a very clear, “I know how to speak english!” exclamation. lmao
      I also laugh when I go in the bodega and stand on line behind a person who is speaking perfect english with their friends then bust out in spanish when they get to the counter, to talk to the cashier that also speaks perfect english. I could think of reasons for the latter, but the other pisses me off

    • disqus_9HncxCqL5x says:

      EL PEPINO…

  19. I can so totally relate. I consider myself puertorrican as I was born in the US but adopted in PR. And people ask: why do you say u r puertorrican when you can pass for white? seriously, people have asked just like that.

  20. Eva says:

    I know exactly what she is talking about as well. I’m a very straight looking girl, but I am actually bisexual and in a committed relationship with another woman. I keep this information to myself at work. One of my coworkers is overtly gay. When he leaves the room, I get to hear exactly what everyone else thinks. People often make the assumption that I will agree with their prejudices. I take the opportunity to find out exactly who I’m dealing with before clarifying.

    This is a very common experience. It’s also quite illuminating.

  21. nomorehumans says:

    Yes, white people suck, right? They have boring hair, and no curves and no soul. Stereotypes; they work both ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      White people have the least boring hair with the most variety. I’m not meaning to say that stereotypes don’t work both ways, just that that one doesn’t work out very well.

  22. Nathan says:

    Hmmm, well I’m of Greek, Armenian and Hungarian heritage, and I’m regularly assumed to be Latino, so I hear quite a few anti-white cracks from Latinos who then give long awkward pauses when I inform them that I am not “La Raza”

  23. Amman Sabet says:

    “No… where are you really from…”

    as a follow up to when I respond that I am from New York. As if I am supposed to say I am where my parents or grandparents or from. Just because my name isn’t John or Joe or some shit and my gene pool is expected to wait more than one generation before I can say American and not have to get traced back to somewhere else. Fuck off.

  24. Ben Cardona says:

    You look Puerto Rican 2 me!

  25. Yaseen says:

    I finished High School outside of Madrid Spain, and attended the University of Madrid. I speak Spanish fluently, enough that I can fool people as to my heritage whenever I want, although my ancestors are mostly Norse. I spent years living in the ‘Barrio’ passing through Spanish Harlem, and Washington Heights. I lived in countries from Mexico to Columbia and Puerto Rico. Often I listened in on the conversations without letting the people around me know that I could understand what they were saying. If anyone believes that prejudice exists only in the white community they are wrong. I found that many of the Hispanic groups looked down on one another, and often times put Puerto Ricans on the bottom of the pile. If racism did not exist in the Hispanic nations, Castro would have had small chance of a revolution in Cuba, and the genocide in Guatemala would not have been possible. Aside from that the best quip I ever heard was from my then African American lover, who said, “White people, the people without lips.” I died laughing, from the irony of that statement.

    • American Rican says:

      Amen. When last in PR, one of my friends talked about being pulled over by a white cop in New York. He pretended that he couldn’t speak English and laughed about it to me! He also said the cop was a “red man,” meaning the policeman was a red head, Irish looking man. I was fuming. I said nothing though.

  26. Luis Rosado says:

    Although I am not blond or blue eye, I often get the same “oh but you do not look Puerto Rican.” to which I often follow with “What does a Puerto Rican supposed to look like?” I often laugh at the various descriptions but it Is actually not that difficult; we can be of European or African or a combination of Taino Amerindian with either of the two or a mixture of all.

    Some easy to find examples:
    (bl) Juano Hernández (NY stage actor), Felix Trinidad (PR boxer).
    (wh) Mariana Vicente (model), Dayanara Torres Delgado (actress).
    (bl+wh+am) Rosie Perez (actress), zoe saldana (actress)
    (wh+am) Me!

    All Puerto Ricans!

  27. MiMi says:

    White girls with curves are mixed down the line, rather they want to admit it or not. Latinos get their hip from their native American ancestors, their curly hair and ass and breast from their African ancestors and their pale skin from their white ancestors.

    • Autumn says:

      This is one of the most retarded statements on here. My family is of 100% European descent, and we have the DNA tests to prove it, we have curvy women. There are plenty of curvy gals in the almost purely homogenous countries in Europe.
      Statements like these seem to be made by others who are jealous of whites and begrudge them any features they find attractive, and try to credit it the features to being mixed with their own race. Or they’re made by people who hate whites and want them to mix out.
      Sorry, there are plenty of curvy and pure white girls. Not to hate on skinny white girls, you’re just as beautiful.

  28. Letila Vasquez says:

    Alirose she’s describing her body type why are most white people the most to relate everything to them when we say flat butt and no curves it because you peoe are the most who don’t have the body shape other races have that’s way this women is trying to tell how she feels sometimes people just need you to listen no comment just listen I’m sorry you felt this way but not evrything is about you have a nice day 🙂

  29. Robert says:

    “However, I like being the Stealth bomber of the Latino world. I may not look Puerto Rican, but here I am, watching, spying, learning about what white Americans really think.”

    So you don’t identify with your fellow White Americans? How sad. This card shows the idiocy of “White privilege.” If Whites had privilege why do these Spanish Whites not want to identify as White. Ultimately in America, the White Hispanics will suffer the same fate as the rest of the Whites. I can assure you, the Black Puerto Ricans will never consider you as a member of their race. Nor should they.

    • Kari says:

      So your telling me I’m not a member of the same race as my black Puerto Rican cousins who are directly related to me because I’m a light skinned Puerto Rican ? you sound very ignorant. Hispanics come in many colors. Also my “Black” Puerto Rican cousin has a full sister who is “White” Puerto Rican are you saying that they are not considered part of the same race?

      • Anonymous says:

        You sound much more ignorant than he. Hispanic is not a race. It means you are from a Spanish speaking country. Puerto Ricans, for the most part, are white Spanish, black, Indian, or a mixture of the three. You sound like you are a mixture. And he is right about people of pure white European descent going into America and labeling themselves as non-white.
        It’s sad to see Puerto Ricans are as ignorant of race as Americans are.

  30. melchior42 says:

    Puerto Rican and Hispanic is not even a race. They are a mixture but some are pure European like people in Argeintina and Spain etc, some are mostly Indian or Black.

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally, some reality for this pitiful thread. It’s nice to see that not everyone in America is ignorant.

    • Lorenzo Artista Rafael says:

      How can you say is not a race? Taino is a race is what we call Puerto Rican.

      • Lorenzo Artista Rafael says:

        Oh I see if a pure white European moves their family to Puerto Rico does not convert them to Puerto Rican for they are not taino or black. But their are white Puerto Ricans also so itt does break down to 3 identities of Taino black and white.

        • Lorenzo Artista Rafael says:

          so how would you categorize or what you said someone who has 95 percent TainoAztec indian blood and 5% French white?

          • GRMO says:

            No one is 95% Taino. And why are you grouping Aztec and Taino? Aztecs are from Mexico and were never in the Caribbean

        • Bree Peters says:

          Seriously? Bottom line Puerto Rican is not a race! That is a nationality! That is like me claiming that my race is American. Why would you allow your oppressors to name you? Are you a rich port? That’s what the name means! Your last name, your language all of that forced upon your forefathers.

  31. S says:

    I admire your last sentence. This is how I look at the world now, after years of being self-conscious about what and why I don’t look like the typical stereotype. Comforting to know I am not alone.

  32. SoyYo says:

    I could relate to this 1000 times. I am Puerto Rican and white and get urged to “pass” because I look more white…but like you said it is really hard when you got the boricua por dentro, be it half or full…I feel like we could have a convo for hours about that. LOL

  33. AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo says:

    Dont like white Boricuas? Have some more!

  34. AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo says:

    Every honest white or Black who vacations in Puerto Rico say…..

    “I was surprised that they didn’t look Puerto Rican! followed by nervous “lol” Unless,of course they don’t leave inner city San Juan or Carolina,where theres a heavy Black Dominican community.
    Unlike the Nuyoricans ,who were 75% octaroon or mulatto. Most early Ricans were Blacks and mulattoes from Loiza,Carolina,Aguadilla Coloso,where the sugarcane plants shut down .
    After 2000 The flow to the states has become whiter as young Professionals and disillusioned statehood supporters flee to the states.
    It seems the pro commonwealth party is porpusely bankrupting the island in a malicious,yet succesfull attempt to make sure Congress never accepts it as the 51st State.
    Anyway,The islanders are 70% white .
    After the Zimmerman case,Conservatives mocked the idea of a “white hispanic” claiming its like calling Obama a “White Black American”! So I did a little satirical sarcastic pic show. Enjoy.

    • American Rican says:

      Luis, I am a white Puerto Rican. White PRican mother and white American father, but I grew up in PRico, being called a “gringa” every day of my growing life there, …. but what I wanted to say was last time in Bayamon at the Home Depot, I’m standing in line looking around, and I see this black man, and I know this black man is an American black man, not a PRican black man, just by the way he “looked,” so I go to talk to him and sure enough he was visiting PR and like me his mother was PRican, but his father an African American. Unlike me, he wasn’t raised in PR and did not speak Spanish though. We laughed and we shared a communion of sorts. We were different colors but we related to each other and knew each other, so to speak. Funny.

  35. whatastory says:

    I live in Massapequa Park and people thought I was Italian because my last name is Italian and my late beloved husband was Italian I am olive skin and really speak totally Brooklyn Italian way … Why have no idea. Always spoke that way growing up and my beloved beautiful mother spoke broken English all my siblings married jewish, german, irish and Cuban. My sister is blonde really to white and think she is jewish and all my friends are Italian and or irish n german ..My children married german itlalian,Irish and Britsh…..At of all my dear friends I was married the most years with my husband till he passed have beautiful children and grandchildren bought 3 homes on my own after the death of my beloved husband. And had wonderful jobs and traveled and have excellent credit. So you see what is a Puerto Rican??? They don’t even know yet none of my friends it is time to let them know….For my mom and dad and brother…..

  36. Diora says:

    As a person of African decent, I was the very opposite of her, born with curves and thick soft curly hair, with hazel-green eyes, and brown skin, I am what people call “Afro-Puerto rican”. I don’t “look” like I am puerto rican, as far as what society thinks a real puerto rican should look like with wavy dark long soft skin and light bright skin, I was born to a light mother and a dark father, both Puerto rican, born and raised.

  37. Eli M says:

    Well it is always interesting here in california , non latinos think all puerto ricans are black , when I would reveal my nationality for some reason people did not believe me ,I for some reason get mixed with many nationalities, but its not what others think its what you know you are , I’ve been to Puerto rico many times and feel no need to have to prove my nationality with negative or funny stereotypes , people do not realize there are puerto ricans who look like white people, some even look middle eastern , we are much more diverse in appearance than what people might think.

    As far as no hips my aunt has that concerning issue , we also have to realize not all the Spaniards mixed which is why you have so much variations in the island.

  38. Liora Sanchez-Villegas says:

    When people say “You don’t look Puerto Rican,” I get the impression that they have no idea that Latin America was ever colonized. Its like they think the only place on this planet that was ever colonized by white people was North America. I consider myself biracial. My mother’s side has straight hair ranging from light to brunette, light colored eyes, and very white skin. My father’s side on the other hand, black skin, thick curly/kinky hair. And guess what? They are both puerto rican. Puerto Ricans along with any other Latino can be of any race. The U.S. isn’t special in this department.

  39. Clic Linx says:

    But you are not even full Puerto Rican you are part Aruban since your dad is Aruban. Aren’t you Aruban/Puerto Rican. I would think so.

  40. alyssa says:

    i know how you feel but the difference is i’m actually dark skin with brown hair that’s semi straight,dark brown eyes and i had ppl ask me whats my race and when i say pr and asian they are like you don’t look it. I sometimes get annoyed too when ppl say they didn’t know puerto ricans run dark or im too dark to be puerto rican. i think ppl here in america should be a shame of themselves like i don’t care what race you are you have your lights and your darks and ppl forget that when it comes to mexico, south america, north america, to the islands, greenland ,alaska even into siberia and ulkraine native indians were living there before other ppl invaded and yet even siberia and ulkraine some russians look mix. so even white americans dont even look white and black americans because they have been mixed with native indians as well. the problem with ppl nowadays mix up roots/ancestry with being mixed roots/ancestry is what you are mainly consist of where your ppl come from roots/ancestry doesnt mean mixed.

  41. vibez says:

    black hispanics/latinos often hear alot of racism from non-black hispanics who may not know they are also latino too…

    the only people who keeps the stereotype going are hispanics themselves with racism and shock and awe when they see a hispanic that is black or an hispanic that is white who dont fit their description.

  42. Sam says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to say how funny it is that there is this woman, talking about how it feels to be a minority who looks like the majority in power, and people have changed the discussion as to whether or not white people are curvy. To feel the need to turn the conversation about themselves is frankly incredibly annoying. Personally, I’m trying to find stories about people who have a similar situation to myself, but it’s difficult to hear with all these cries of, “We’re not all like that! Stop stereotyping us!” When literally my entire life has been everyone stereotyping me into something that I am not. Hell, “White” America has stereotyped me into them, and in doing so stereotype themselves.
    And you blame us for this? The perpetuation of the supposed superiority of whiteness as the ideal form of being is perpetuated by people that are higher up because they don’t want to lose their privilege. And I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that the majority of the “higher ups” are white, and male. If anything, this form of thinking is an instance of the trickle down effect working. (And before there’s a shitstorm, I do not believe the trickle down effect works economically, but it does very well with literal water dripping down a rock.)

  43. Anonymous says:

    Puerto Rican is NOT a race. You can be black, white Spaniard, Indian, a mixture of those, or the race of the more recent immigrants. It sounds like you’re a mixture of those races. There are even terms to describe what you are when you are of mixed race, unless you are mixed with more than two.

  44. mike rios says:

    remember that we are white Puerto Ricans because of our Spaniard Ancentry or other ingredients of different DNA other than Spain. I am a white Puerto Rican, children, wife and so are the majority of my family, and we called ourselves Los Espanioles Del La Montana. It is our 400 plus of Spanish blood that runs in our veins.

  45. Meredith says:

    Contrary to Popular belief, Puerto Rico is about 75% White. In addition to Spanish there were also lots of migrants from Germany, France, Ireland and Britain that settled there in the 19th century.

    • American Rican says:

      The term “Criolla” comes from our French ancestry.

      • GRMO says:

        No it doesnt. It’s a Spanish word, not a French word. Criollo refers to a racial caste level of someone being born in the new world but of parents of Peninsular Spanish descent.

  46. American Rican says:

    OMG. Since I am a stereotypical white Puerto Rican and don’t even look like I speak Spanish, I am able to listen in to the things Mexicans and other Latin Americans say in my country about Americans and it is not pretty. Shame on them for coming here and trying to declare Americans “racist” when they are the ones full of hate and racism. GTFO! Damn, Mexico should be the richest country in the hemisphere with all their natural resources and size, but the government is so corrupt and full of socialists that they can’t tie their shoes for their fingers getting in the way. Stupidos!

  47. American Rican says:

    Ay Natalia! Y tienes amigitas negras! Mira pa’ ya! “Mis amigitas negras me dicen …” Please. So much in your essay could be misconstrued as bigotry, … but since I know we Puerto Ricans, whether white, olive or black, are lleno de carino, I’ll give you a pass! Hispanics need to stop the white bashing though. It’s ridiculous considering the majority of Hispanics in Latin America are white. Jesus. Help me lord. Help me.

  48. American Rican says:

    Yes, because the “Great Society” and every other federal program was meant to keep blacks down and raping and killing whites. You are statistically 8 times more likely to be raped or killed by an African American man than you are a white American, and black men are only six percent of the population. But I suppose if I get killed or raped by a black man, it’s my fault or I deserve it. Ever read moochelle O’s dissertation AFTER four years at Princeton? She was still illiterate! How the hell did she get into Princeton? Oh, the same way her fraud of a husband got into the White House: affirmative action by whites who have nothing to feel guilty about and who have done more than any other group of people to pass laws protecting minorities and to spread democracy throughout the world, … except under the current negrito. He seems to support jihadis and their totalitarian, misogynist theocracies.

    • Javontae Eaddy says:

      Statistics LMFAO!!! Theyre like generalizations…so if i go outside, im going to be raped and killed by a black man huh?……..

  49. Heidy says:

    It is not a stereotype is genetics!!! And fyi Miss Natalia I am a white Puerto Rican and actually my whole Family is and I don’t mean fake blonde hair I mean natural blonde hair truly pale not in any way tanned and extremely aqua blue eyes. My gma was dark my gpa was super white and we are all white but u can see the mix in body types. Some of us have a very Puerto Rican nice body and some other have NO ass.lol well my point is that being a white Puerto Rican is only wierd to very ignorant people and the having no Ass or Hips is genetics not a stereotype people!

  50. CaguaxBorikenlibre says:

    Being Puerto Rican is a nationality which includes people of all races in much the same way being American includes people of all races. Now if others want to talk about skin color or racial differences of Puerto Ricans, then they’re getting into genetic differences and those don’t matter in my estimation. Ser Borincano es un sentimiento de la cultura y el corazon. Vaya Boricua, y seas orgulloso de su familia.

  51. Javontae Eaddy says:

    Mosquito lmfao

  52. Nikki DePaulo says:

    What? She looks hispanic to me. hahahaha If she claimed white… I’d assume she had mixed ancestry.

  53. Destinylove1245 says:

    I’m Puerto Rican I have a huge ass but not VERY curly hair. I have really wavy hair. And I don’t look like im Puerto Rican at all I have brown wavy hair and green eyes ;o I’m half Puerto Rican maybe that’s why ..

  54. Cynthia Murphy says:

    the sad thing is we cannot do away with the racism… Latinos and Blacks are the most ignorant when it comes to race because there is absolutely no reason for them to be against each other as far as race if they knew their true history Hispanics with never be mad at blacks And blacks would never be mad At Hispanics…Blacks & Brown are more alike than different but ignorance keeps them apart because they do not know there true culture. Ignorance is just sad I’ve seen so many beautiful black Hispanics and I’ve seen a lot of light skinned Hispanics. what child is not born with hate his family teaches it to him

  55. Alex says:

    AliRose you dont have to get offended the majority of white people are flat chest and ass… Not that it applies to everyone -.- get a grip

  56. Ronnie says:

    Your very beautiful thank you for sharing your situation. My hope is more women like you will come forward to help diminish the thought that we Latinas need to be brown haired and brown eyed. I am Mexican with olive skin, curly hair and often have been asked what am I? Indian, Puerto Rican, black? It would bother me growing up but as a grown women I have become proud of my looks and would not change it for anything.

  57. Justino says:

    I understand the feeling. I’am a Puerto-Rican myself. I live here in the United States of America. I’m a Puerto-Rican with Brown eyes which becomes a hazel light brown color when exposed to light. My hair is a brown to lightish brown color, I’m very pale skinned. People don’t recognize me as a Hispanic at all. Most people see me and get the first thought that I’am a White/European person.

    It sucks even more, when you try to communicate to other native Spanish speakers, and they just communicate to you back in English only. It’s like I have absolutely no identity.

    This is the problem when you live in a country that is ignorant of Nationality. With that said, this is the problem when you’re a Latin American with a Dominant European ancestry. It shows.

  58. Meow says:

    I have the same problem. And what I don’t understand is when people try to argue with me about it. I am light brown, dark eyes, big curly hair.. I look African American to 95%. I don’t have a real problem with it, I just correct them and say No, I am Puerto Rican. “NO WAY YOU CAN’T BE! YOU DON’T LOOK SPANISH” *sigh* Maybe one day people will realize that it’s rude.

  59. Ignorance of America says:

    It is interesting how people associate Spanish with brown. Well, excuse me, it is not actually people that do that because only Americans do. Go to Europe and they will know that Spanish means white, from Spain obviously. Americans are probably the most ignorant people on the face of the Earth. They even have trouble realizing that when it is summer in the northern hemisphere it turns out to be winter in the southern hemisphere. A sad nation of self-centered depressive and miserable primitive monkeys living with their own overly superficial lifestyle believing that to obtaining access to material wealth is the only source of happiness. Good job America! Keep on getting medicated with anti-depressants and a bunch of other psychiatric drugs to solve your problems. Anyways, lets see what happens in 20 years with how people in America deal with their economy.

  60. raizarivera23@hotmail.com says:

    I almost related to you until about two months ago, I was born in San Juan and have Puerto Rican parents. I am very white , pale almost , green eyes and blonde hair. We moved to new York when I was like 5 or something. Nobody has ever believed I was Puerto Rican because of my physical characteristics. I thought I was just a rarity with my Puerto Rican light skinned mother and black father. Spanish was the first language I spoke obviously and still do. I always got questioned if maybe my mom cheated on my dad because I was so white. Well I finally questioned it two months ago, only to find out Neither one of them are my parents! Yeah the biggest shock I was unprepared to find out, I was adopted and yes apparently my parents were not from there hence my white traits. You may find out something deeper to your self if you question and seek it further.

  61. Medina-Merino says:

    Wow…what a screwed-up comment…get help!

    I am born and raised in Puerto Rico!

    My ancestry is Basque, Corsican, Mallorcan, Irish and Canary Islander…and not surprisingly I am white!

    My family is filled with red-heads, blondes, brunettes and blue, green and brown eyes are everywhere.

    I am so sick and tired of “acomplejados” like this idiot making snide, insider remarks like “spying on whites”, “passing” and endless stupidities about her or others’ racial background.

    Clue #1…You look white because you are! Or are we to believe that Koreans just look Asian but are really Bllack???

    Clue #2…To say you are either Puerto Rican or Aruban tells us as much about you racially as saying your are from New York or New Jersey or New Mexico! I have friends in Aruba who are WHITE if Dutch or German background and they are NOT passing for white!

    Clue #3…You sound like an educated woman, but sadly you have been very subtly brainwashed out of your white background which is MORE than obvious in that picture you posted and I would bet your husband is too…wow, what a non-surprise.

    Clue #4…Please get some help or you are going to leave that baby with a lifetime of pointless guilt about being white, which is what he is!

    Clue #5…I have family that have lived in Massapequa, Massapequa Park and Glen Cove, L.I. since the 1950s and NOT ONE has ever had a hassle about race because they were NOT toiling with FAKE white-guilt for being what they were..WHITE!

    Coje verguenza ya chica que ya te has cagado bastante con tus estupideces de “I just look white”…dios mio!

  62. ARMYXx says:

    HISPANIC IS NOT A RACE! IT IS AN ETHINIC BACKGROUND!! HISPANICS ARE THE MOST DIVERSE WHEN IT COMES TO RACE (i.e. Mestizos, black and white) Unfortunately, America portrays many Hispanics as being Mestizo and uneducated.

  63. Richie7 says:

    She needs to stop complaining her skin hair and eye color in the US is a plus and she will be more excepted by society compared to PRicans who are black or mulatto

  64. Mike Anderson says:

    What white Americans really think, no offense, is that some colored
    people have issues, and not with us, because we don’t care about the
    color of our skin, but with their own.

  65. vibez says:

    Could it be that the author has no clue that there is a difference between race and national origin. Sheesh talk about stupidity and ignorance. All PRs are not products of african origins. Some are in fact Ummmm white!

    There are puerto ricans whiter than the whitest american, canadian or european. And there are black ones. So my question is. WTF does a Puerto Rican look like?

    • cubanflowers says:

      EXACTLY!………….. i think mostly it’s the american born “Hispanics” Caribenos who FAIL to realize that hispanic is NOT a race!……… she is a pink chick… of Caribbean heritage…

      to be exact she is a pink american.. point black.. period …

      be blessed..

  66. Lyndsay Ertel says:

    I am Puerto Rican and ilno one ever knows what I am I always get “what color are you, you can’t be white.”

  67. Ms. Brisghtside says:

    Personally, I think this was a great mini essay. I can identify with people assuming I’m white because of my features, even though I’m Puerto Rican and Mexican. Yes there are a lot of stereotypes involved in this issue but I loved finding someone that feels the same way I do.

  68. GRMO says:

    I don’t understand how some Americans are so ignorant. Puerto Rico is a country in “the new world” like any other. We received a ton of European immigration in the 1800’s due to La Cedula de Gracias. The most well known Puerto Rican identity is a Jibaro, the peasant working class of Puerto Rico found in the mountains are of Euro descent. Why wouldn’t a lot of us look white? There seems to be a great disconnect with the perception of the diaspora in the states and with the actual reality on the island. Going by looks you wouldn’t be considered a rarity or foreign in Puerto Rico

  69. Babs says:

    Me too. White skin, green eyes, straight dark hair and both my parents are Puerto Rican. I always say, we come in all colors. Spanish speaking people would say stuff about me not realizing I spoke Spanish. So, I would say that I understood what they said in Spanish. Never ceased to astound people. Then they were my best friends.

  70. Hugs and kisses says:

    it appears aLOT of people have different views on the history of Puerto Rico… even the people that are saying they are puerto rican..

  71. Rose Marie Arroyo Mendez says:

    Puerto Rico was a melting pot before the USA, therefore, just like in USA North America, Pto. Rico is a multiracial nation, and DNA tests are proofing that. But what country is not?

  72. Rose Marie Arroyo Mendez says:

    Stereotyping, as well as racism, is lack of knowledge. As a Pto. Rican, we should first educate ourselves about the true history of Pto. Rico before writing such a mediocre article before the world which ridiculed the Puerto Rican woman.

  73. melchior42 says:

    But you look White because you share similar European ancestry with other White people. It’s not some coincidence. Speaking Spanish doesn’t erase that or make you a different race. Besides Latinos can be of any race.

  74. JQ240 says:

    So, you’re Puerto Rican and live in massapequa park? How coincidental? I too lived in massapequa park and attended Berner HS, back in the late ’60’s early ’70’s. Although I don’t sport the blonde blue eyed look-had a sister that did-I too got the same responses, especially in that area of Long Island that’s predominately White. Fact is, I got the same feedback from my own, when I returned to the City and attended Lehman College. A lot of times I felt like a ping pong ball, in that regard. We live in a system that defines itself in terms of race and looks. It’s just one of those things you need to sort out positively. I think I became a much better person for it. I did find, once you’ve travelled to the Island, that looking White isn’t really a big deal, as it is here in the US. Fact is, what’s considered a White look here isn’t necessarily considered the same elsewhere. Each area seems to have a different way of categorizing or correlating looks with race.

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