But you played with dolls growing up.

Trisha Salerno,
New York, NY,
Colorbrave Circle 1

For as long as I can remember, I have been fluid with my sexuality. I love… everyone. I never made it a thing, I never came out with some grand proclamation. I just happened to start seriously dating a girl that I fell in love with. Of course I had to tell my parents, who I imagined would be a bit taken back seeing as though I had never brought home a girl before. My mom is rather open-minded, but her initial response was “but you played with dolls growing up”. This only solidified the need for our society to place everything in boxes or prescribe labels to things when I didn’t so neatly fit into one box or the other or identify with the labels gay, straight or even bi. And yes, I did play with dolls growing up, but that has nothing to do with who I decide to love.


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