Being called sassy is not complementary.

Albuquerque, NM.

Black women are often characterized as sassy which I take as an insult. The root of sassy is sass or to balk, talk back; in order words, to disobey, or not know your place with the not-so-subtle inference that your place is inferior. I’ve been called sassy because I am smart and do not see myself as inferior in any way to any person. That I was called this today at my job by a group of disgruntled employees because I carried out my job as requested was racist as I informed the person who told me that about the comment. There are thousands of ways to disrepect someone one. Black folks all over the world are particularly attuned to the many monikers and mis-characterizations we are assigned when we make people uncomfortable with our inherent abilities, and in many cases, our power. Calling me sassy in the workplace disregards my skills and abilities as a professional. Moreover, it says that I am in the wrong place. Perhaps I am in the wrong workplace, but never am I in the wrong place. #racismcheck #iamnottheone


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