Can we all forgive and forget?

Brent Pappas,
Cooper City, FL.

Normally, I feel it is prudent to forgive others when they wrong us, and to remember their previous actions in order to predict how they will act next and best prepare for it. Increasingly however, I have begun to feel that perhaps it would be for the best if everyone one day woke up and forgot all their preconceived notions about other cultures as well as all the injustices committed to others based upon race, gender, sexual-orientation, nationality, religion, or any other discerning cultural factor. I just wonder what the world would be like today if we could all suddenly see each other anew with no frame of reference; like starting from a blank slate. I’m not sure if this would create a world of complete racial equality or one of the opposite, but I assume the former would be established. If racial prejudice is not inherent (and while I believe trepidation about interacting with other cultures in general is, I believe that prejudice to other cultures is not), then this hypothetical scenario would naturally create a world lacking prejudice.
The key takeaway from this idea is that it can simply (though not necessarily easily) be realized. Each of us must simply try to forget all the stereotypes, notions, and stigmas surrounding other cultures and instead base our opinions solely on our own interactions with them. If we would all do this, then I believe that the world would truly become a better place.


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