You can be prejudiced, not racist

Chanel Tate
South Holland, IL

This is something my African-American mom would say to me all the time when I was a kid and I called her out on saying something derogatory or stereotypical about other races. She’s dead now and it’s harder and harder for me to remember the sound of her voice, much less the words she used to say.

This race card project brought up this memory, so I wanted to thank everyone for participating and putting it together. *tears*

What she meant by it was something I didn’t understand until I went to college, but I am still not sure I entirely agree with. She meant that as a historically and currently oppressed people, Blacks are incapable of truly being racist, because we lack White privilege and the power to really systemically affect other races and the infrastructure that keeps them down in society.

I’m not sure if she was telling me it was OK to be prejudiced, I think she was just correcting what she thought was my improper use of the word ‘racist’


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