I can be President and Will.

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Liliana Umana,
Pearl River, NY.

I definitely do not fit the traditional categorization of a President. For starters, I do not fit into any of the WASP categories. I am not white, I am colored. I am not anglo-saxon, I am Hispanic. I am not Protestant, I was raised Catholic. Lastly, I am not a male, I am a woman. I know and understand that my inability to fit into the stereotypical category of a President should not prevent me from wanting to fill the role one day. I understand that my capability to fill a servant leadership position, which the role of a President is, is not defined by the categories which society puts me in. I want every little girl in the world to understand that their physical characteristics should never stop them from creating goals and reaching for them. I am also very passionate about political positions being filled by good people with good intentions and who aim to serve others, rather than serve themselves.


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