Can someone help me find my privilege?

Steven W Grudzinski,
Clarksville, TN

I was born white (not my choice, none of us get to pick our parents). I lived poor, on welfare, homeless a few times and fatherless, all of the things that people who identify as disadvantaged state yet I am also called privileged because of a lack of pigment in my skin.

I remember the embarrassment when my mom pulled out the food stamps to buy our food and I still don’t remember finding any white privilege in the grocery basket. I remember sleeping on someone’s living room floor for months because we were homeless and the floor was not covered in white privilege. I remember the embarrassment of getting free school meals because we were poor and other kids picking on me. Shopping at the Salvation Army or Goodwill for school clothes and yup never found any white privilege on the clothes racks.

I would love for someone to help me locate my white privilege.


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