How can whites prove their worth?


I have come home from a bad day at work and am looking for honest open dialogue. I am a white teacher who works with children of all races, shapes and forms. One student in particular I have worked with is struggling with issues such as lying and stealing. I have tried positive praise, finding ways to involve her int he community in our school. Well, I had to give her a consequence the other day, and the mother screamed to my supervisor that basically we are racists who are mean to her daughter. I was hurt and took it very personally, as I have never seen her as a skin color and would treat her differently. I found out the mother demanded her daughter be moved to a different teacher last year when her daughter was reprimanded for similar behaviors. How do I change the perception without compromising my ability to hold the student accountable?

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2 Responses to "How can whites prove their worth?"
  1. Suraska says:

    Please do NOT get discouraged! There are some parents who simply will not accept that they have failed their child and blame others. That you are White makes it all the more easier to cover up for bad parenting. Let’s see if the race card flies when the child turns to crime and ends up in jail. You sound like a wonderful caring teacher who will undoubtedly influence positively many young people who go on to excel in life and career.

  2. Miles Crossen says:

    You did nothing wrong. In fact consistently holding a child accountable for his or her actions or behavior is probably one of the most valuable lessons you can teach a child. I hope your supervisor backed you up.

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