Can you say that again? LOL.

Caitlin F.,

My Dad and his family are all from Canada, with thicker Canadian accents. Over time, his accent has become less noticeable, but growing up I did seem to also have somewhat of a Canadian accent. My accent became more mixed after living in the Midwest US and Southeast Asia. I never noticed it until I moved to the East Coast, to a predominantly white area where there wasn’t a lot of movement in and out of the community. I was constantly made fun of for how I speak. People (adults and kids!) would ask me to repeat a word and then say it back in a mocking way. It frustrated me and really embarrassed me, and made me not want to talk much in school. I was so taken aback that people went out of their way to interrupt a conversation to point this out. English is my first language, so I can’t imagine how horrible it makes people who are learning English or English as a secondary language.


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