Why can’t white people stop assuming?

Veronica M Chouinard,
Carmel, IN.

I would just like to add that my ethnic background is mixed with a lot. My mother was a full blooded Puerto Rican woman. My father was a French Creole of color from New Orleans, LA. Yet so many people ask me if I’m Pilipino. Yet, I kid you not, every single time I walk into a room filled with white women, their behavior starts to change and all I hear is “girl” this and “girl” that, and “what’s up?”. It’s so sad. One white woman on her first time meeting me asked me for a good recipe for fried chicken. So sad. I have two new grandchildren, they are of color and very fair because they are of mixed ethnicity also. I hate this world that they were born into with it’s white (unearned) privilege and whites that can’t get over themselves because they are so afraid of losing what they stole from the rest of the world.


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