I Carry Guilt Because I’m White

Brandie Bushee,
Cedar Falls, IA.

In our current times we hear about racism every day. I hate it. I’m not one to say “I don’t see race; I’m colorblind”, because to “be blind” to race is to ignore the problem of racism. But I am one to say that I love everyone no matter their language, skin color, religion, or any other beautiful difference. When racists put down others because of their differences, it disgusts me. I often say that I am embarrassed to be considered “American” because of the bad reputation the few racists have given to us. I feel guilty because so many of “my people” have hurt so many others simply because of their differences. So instead of considering myself “white” or “American”, I like to consider myself open. Open to learning about other cultures, languages, or religions. Open to accept anyone that crosses my path. Open hearted and open minded to love anyone and everyone, because differences make the world a better place to be.


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