image13Danielle Rosati,
Hauppauge, NY.

I am tired of being blamed for blacks feeling not good enough. If you feel a certain way it’s within yourself. And only you can change that.

I’ve been pulled over for no reason !! Arrested .. I have felonies .. I’ve been hit and beaten by cops!! You want equal rights but special treatment ??!! It don’t go that way!!! If u walk in a black neighborhood you know you’re in a black neighborhood! Why? Cause it’s filthy and there’s spray paint all over buildings!

Rappers who are predominantly black rap about being a thug, gang banging, bi***es, drugs, and 22’s!! And then wonder why your profiled ?!! COME ON!! You wanna be treated a certain way act a certain way. I used to act like a thug too and it got me arrested and down a wrong path. Once I changed my life changed. It comes from within.

I also went to Harlem near 141st and Lenox. Which is mostly black. And guess what .. ? I was first in line and when the lady who was black came to the register she helped everyone else behind me who was black and would not take my order !!!! Don’t f***ing tell me white people are the only racists in this world!!! Take a good look within yourself. And stop making it seem like it’s only black people that are struggling!!! If I’m walking in a black neighborhood I gotta worry a lot more then any black person walking in a white neighborhood. I didn’t own any slaves. And neither did my mother or her mother before that and so on and so on!! It’s the past!! Leave it in the past. None of the black youth today were slaves either!! Keep calling each other n***** and see how much respect you get! U don’t see white people calling one another kracker!! Why? Case it’s ignorant to do so!!!!!!!!

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  1. Tokool Jones says:

    I am sorry but who blames you I mean is there some one who came up to and told you that you are the cause of what is happening to them ?? and another thing just because you were arrested and have a possible felony (which isnt something to brag about ) doesn’t mean you know whats its like to be “black”. the police have a job to do regardless of who is involved however there are many more people of color being harassed based on their profil, because they may fit the bill that aren’t committing any crimes and majority of the time some officers take matters in to their own hands creating a situation because they have the public to back them when ever in doubt of anything and blindly they follow because cops are known for being heroes but there are wolves behind some of these badges I have cop buds and I know that for a fact . all of your incidents sound like those of a person of color screaming for attention if the shoe were on the other foot in my opinion. sorry you didn’t get the service you should have in the store but that’s use to be common for people of color not that long ago not to compare or anything just stating and correction you know its a ghetto based on the poor living environment in which not every one or black person lives there , and not ever one there may not have a choice in the matter but still came to be a stand up citizens granted it is run down but there are plenty of place where no black live that are run down to just not where you are. rapping has nothing to do with nothing you might as well ad movies in which that glorify violence drug usage distribution prostitution yet none of the producers or actors are held to the so called standard you have for all you know about any song ever made by anyone from rap to classical its all a story being told period that’s all music has ever been a platform used to express your self. so to answer your question yes they should be treated as regular folks would it be ok to treat you any way for freely expressing your self now no and I hope i am not coming off as rude or any thing just speaking and hoping to have a open dialogue with you

    • Negroid Mongolian Caucasian says:

      Cheers to open dialogue. I think the good side of her comments are this. Anyone can choose to be a victim of circumstance or geography or economics and act like a punk.

    • MI33O3 says:

      Yes, we hear it all of the time. About how we have to “reach out” to “the disadvantaged” to combat the “legacy of slavery”.

      And then we see it on our paychecks. Blacks are giant welfare mooches.

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