Be the change (and) ignite the possibilities!

St.Paul, MN.

We need to have so much hope for those who choose to see the love and peace in the world. While also seeing all the perspectives and opinions of others. Our cultural differences can lead us a stray from all the facts. I will not be burdened by the pigmentation of my skin but I will point out the injustices done to all minorities, whites included. That are subjected to the ignorance of those who don’t choose to look at all spectrums…How are we going to make a full statement if one simply doesn’t know the history or background of the other. We are all a unit being run by a hierarchy. We have people that make it harder for all of us to walk as one. Why constantly point figures?

I am one who is looking at articles, statistics and documentaries for some free lance social work.

I am co founder of a diversity team and I am an active peace activist. To be honest all that means nothing if I don’t respect the people that surround me and educate those who don’t know better. Their ignorance is not my weakness it is theirs. Mass Media, Corrupt Law Enforcement, and people that don’t understand the equal right concept …doesn’t see all angles. I don’t promote hate or violence of any kind. We need to walk hand and hand…Becoming part of the change is important, but understanding the need for change is much more.


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