Changing the path of my children!!

Photo-278Tina Bradford,
Chino Hills, CA.

Being raised in a home where “White is Right,” I only had one thing I could do. So I went on my own path of development. Creating myself into the black sheep of the family. Why would I do such a thing? So my children could learn we do not judge on based on the color of their skin, their sexuality, their education, or the past. We judge people on their character. We embrace cultural differences and learn from each other. No, my children are not considered supreme beings by my family, because they are mixed. But in my house, I would not want them any other way. I do not want them to associate who they are as a race, but know they will grow into a productive adult that makes the world a better place for you and me. As said before, yes, I am happy I am the Black Sheep of my family!


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