Chased and called Jap in Detroit.

image1Joyce Fidler,
Toluca Lake, CA.

In 1956 I was in first grade, my mother was Japanese-Hawaiian, and I knew nothing about WWII.
I didn’t realize my mother was part Japanese, nor did I know why anyone should care.
Years later in high school I failed to grasp why students on my Indianapolis school bus would want to go downtown to, “yell at the N*****.” “Yell what?” I asked. I just never understood racism.

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2 Responses to "Chased and called Jap in Detroit."
  1. just another Asian says:

    They called me “Charlie Chan” in Hartford, CT, along with “ching chong jow wow”. That was less than ten years ago. All of them were what I thought were grown adults, but I guess not.

    • olblue9 says:

      Great card, great reply. I worked with a mixed group of guys while building a hospital building in Las Vegas in the 80’s. A middle-aged Filipino named Manny was hired and worked with a group of electricians for a week. Every day at lunch these guys would talk crap about how sorry Manny was right to his face. “He doesn’t speak English so he can’t understand us” they would say with smiles on their faces. Later that week, our foreman asked if I would let Manny help me “because no one else wanted to work with him”. We worked great together. As we looked over a set of blueprints, one of the guys walked by and said something rude about Manny. After he passed, Manny looked up at me and said “that guy is a jerk!”. Manny had been an electrician in Asia and was more qualified than most of the guys on the job. They had presumed that he could not speak English, so he just let them be fools. I thought he was great, though I don’t think I could been as patient with the “fools”.

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