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photo (3)Yilan Miao,
Selinsgrove, PA.

Maybe we should improved the inaccurate term “racism” with the much more accurate and potentially productive term “stereotype”. As American people always think, I am really good at math and this is the beginning of the third month for me to study in a small town of America. As you can imagine, the foreigners in the place where I live are really hard to see so it is a normal thing for people to see me surprisingly at the beginning. However, I don’t think that means kind of the racism because people are really nice to me and I have made lots of friends here now. As they start to talk with you the stereotype in their minds begin to break down and they will begin to appreciate your braveness. It is 21st century now, new idea has already had great influence on the racism. I believe as the growth of communications between different race, racism will finally disappear one day.


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