“I am chocolate Mama is ice-cream”

Naghmeh Moshtael
Portland, OR

These are my daughter’s words. We live in a world of different race, culture and heritage. My husband in African American, born in Seattle and raised in Compton, CA. I am originally from Iran, raised in Cameroon (Central Africa) and now living in the US. My daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. She is my beautiful, smart and insightful child. So this is how she views her family: she is chocolate, so is Daddy but Mama is ice-cream (i.e. vanilla ice-cream)! I wish that the world was just that simple. Maybe then none of us would be judged by the color of our skin – but the different ingredients of delicious food.! Don’t you want to join my child’s world? I do. Everyday. In between time, the challenge remains to continue to raise her as a world citizen, one who prefers the wellbeing of others over hers.


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