More Than a Color; a History

Michaela Helinski,

Yes I am white, yet I am so much more than a color. I have a whole history behind me of relatives traveling from different parts of the world in order to make a new life in America. Yes I am Polish as my last name contains a “ski”, but that is only one half of me from my father’s side. I am so much more than white and polish I have history. Stereotypes like these and many others are constantly thrown out defining a person based off of appearances. What would a world look like were we got to know one another before we judged based off of the color of our skin or the origin of our last name.

What if we said everyone has a history, a story to tell of either their grandparents descent to America from a foreign country they lived in before. What if before judging a white girls accent when trying to pronounce words in Spanish we encouraged her to keep learning the language. In a world full of hurt why do we as continue to put others down based solely off of race and language causing more pain. May we encourage others and not just see them as white, black, yellow, red, or of any color for that matter. Let us see the world with rich history, a human with history and a past to their name. CBU-HIS311


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