Control what you can, not can’t

Victor Camacho.

Events happen in our day to day life. Everyone at some point of their life’s will face some sort of adversity. Some more than others, and the intensity of the emotion will differ. No matter the situation, eventually it will pass and there may be some things we can not do or change. Currently everyone in the world is being effective by CoVid-19, some are more fortunate than others. But no matter what your position, we can not control the progress of Covid, but we can control how we deal with Covid in our own lifes. We can either be a positive influence or negative. From the smallest forms of thanks or giving back, to not letting it effect the progress we have going for ourselves. We have the power to control our perspectives and try to see the positives and help bring the positivity in others as well. A friend once told me, You can change everything but death.


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