Covid-19 is not killing just blacks

Tiffany Holland,
Concord, NC

African Americans are complaining that Covid19 is being used to kill their race. It’s not! I’m seeing people die every week from this. First, it was we were slaves so it’s all your fault then it was now copping are only killing blacks to black lives matter and now it’s you’re after our race trying to kill us. Why don’t all lives matter? We weren’t responsible for slavery. White people stood up for them and fought to free them. We fought for them during the civil rights movement. Black Lives Matter! What the heck? There was a black female cop that was killed by a black man in SC there was hardly any media coverage. It was black on black crime. If a black man attacked a white officer or a white man it was ok. If a white man attacked a black man trying to defend himself there would be hell to pay. It’s always a white persons fault.

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