We Created Race, Then Change It

Brent Vuglar,
Houghton, MI.

Just like any controversial subject where people do not see eye to eye, people tend to be close-minded to others opinions. This development of tension plants a seed of anger to one another. I myself grew up in a not so very diverse suburb, and when I was younger I believed that everyone was given an equal opportunity to achieve the mythical “American Dream”. Now we are set in a place where entitlement and inheritance are placed on a higher pedestal than, hard work and respect of one another.

Rather than acknowledging race as being a bad thing and comparing differences, we need to individually go out and be accepting. The fact of the matter is there are good and bad people in every culture and community. The sad fact is we cannot change every persons opinions, but the more people that accept that EVERYONE is different and that we cannot change biology, acceptance naturally follows. It is not one voice that creates change, it is an orchestra of them.


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