My creativity eludes definition by color

Jay Fluellen
Philadelphia, PA

I am an African American male who teaches in the public school system in Philadelphia. I constantly defy the comprehension of my predominately African American students by talking without cursing, listening to classical music, using words they don’t understand and by dressing professionally. I push passed all of this to teach them that there is not one way to be black. Black is superficial racial construct. I constantly use my self as a role model for what they can attain in their lives. I have been married to the same women for 21 years. I have my doctorate. I am loyal to the institutions I work for, having served as the Minister of Music at the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas for 16 years. I am a diligent life long learner. It is my hope that when my students see these qualities in me, they will see them as possibilities for themselves in their future.


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