“Darker than White, Lighter than Black.”

I grew up afraid of race. I was scared to even say “My mom is Black, My dad is white.” (It took a lot of motivation). And once I did, I knew what race was and how harmful it can be. A couple years later at a family reunion, me and one of my cousins were just sitting, and one of our other cousins told me that ANOTHER (Yes, another) cousin of ours said I wasn‘t part of the family because I am of a mixed race and not 100% black like they were. We had to trace back to our great grandmother to prove that I Fit in. That should not have to happen.

“Race is a social construct, not a physical one.”

Race is a manmade concept that was made to categorize humans. In 1776 a man named Johann F. Blumenbach created the concept of race, and with that, five racial categories: Caucasian, Mongolian, Malayan, Ethiopian, and American. If he hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have the racial stereotypes that we have today. Here is an example of a racial problem: Trayvon Martin. Remember him? People are getting SHOT AND KILLED on the streets because of what Blumenbach did and carried on: Race. Race is a manmade concept made to categorize us. Is it necessary?


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