Darkskin woman with locs.. future Doctor?

Reion’ne Stewart,
New Orleans, LA

I am a Biology Pre-Med student at Dillard University. I am also a dark-skin woman with locs. I also just happen to be masc presenting. Whenever I go out in public I get the stares and microaggressions. I go to the grocery store and get watched, I either deal with non black cashiers not wanting to take items from my hand or hand me money. I go to self-checkout and I am watched to ensure I scan every single item. When I tell someone my career goals I get asked ”do you plan on cutting off your locs?” ”Do you plan on getting rid of your piercings and your colorful hair?” and it is exhausting. I am simply existing trying to live my best life and be my best self and I am met with judgement every step of the way. How could I be a darkskin masc presenting woman with locs and piercing AND be a doctor. Is it the impossible? It it that hard to believe?


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