Darnella “with an A” thank you.

Darnella Rozzelle.

I was named after my father, who’s name is Darnell. I did not know this until kindergarten in Frankfurt, Germany. Because I was named after my father, my family called me “Gwinn” (my middle name) up to that point.

The first day of kindergarten, all of the children stood up against a wall and we were allowed to sit down, once our names were called. “Darnella”…I looked around…(hmmm…that’s cool, someone named after Daddy)…”Darnella”, then I was told my name was Darnella. My mother never called me that. I sat down. The teacher sighed…”Ugh…Darnella, with an A”.

Later in life I have been Darnell, Dee, Danielle, etc. I politely correct people. Darnell-a, (as I emphasize the a).

In corporate America, my name is a challenge. Once during an interview with a Fortune 500 company, I was told…”oh, is THIS what a Darnella looks like”…no wonder your resume paper is “different”. Or…hmm…what else can we call you, your clients may not be able to “identify” with such a “unique” name, so what do you want on your business card instead? Me: Please order my card with Darnella (with an A)

The young lady who recorded the George Floyd murder was a 19 year old young lady named…Darnella (with an A). A for amazing, articulate, awesome

Darnella…with an A.

Thank you


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