Dating: I’m too dark for him?!

too darkAnonymous,
Northampton, MA.

He’s a white European, and has never considered black women to be attractive, apparently until he met me and we got to know each other. Since he is curious about interracial relationships, he’s often on youtube watching videos on black and white couples/babies/marriages. Yesterday, he proudly told me that he watched an interracial couple where the woman described herself as a caramel. He then casually added that he would have preferred it if I was caramel, not 60% chocolate or whatever it is I am. I replied that I’m in fact 80% dark chocolate. I was horribly upset at his ignorance, although I have since forgiven him for the comment he made and explained why what he said was hurtful to me.

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  1. Raykel White says:

    I don’t understand how you can tolerate being with someone like that. 🙁 He’s obviously color struck and there’s so much more to us than just color. Frankly, I’d drop him like a rock. I will never understand why people equate skin tone with attractiveness. lol. If a person is butt ugly, does them being of a light complexion help any? For me regardless that person remains butt ugly.

  2. A. N. says:

    This doesn’t appear to be a good mix to me and it’s not within him to fully love or even be fully attracted to you. When he said he’d rather you be caramel, he was speaking from the deep depths of his heart. Therefore, you should avoid the inevitable by going ahead and ending it now.

  3. nasche says:

    Hi my name is Nasche and I am a casting producer over at Pitman Casting. I am casting a new TV show where I need people who want to change their race or believe they should be another race. I saw your comment about race. I wanted to see if you or anyone you knew would be interested in this show. Thank you so much for your time! My apologies if I offend anyone. Just trying to get the word out there about the new show.

  4. Zuni says:

    Your children will have excellent futures if the father is White European. My father is a White European though my mother is a Black American. I hold dual citizenship in the United States and Argentina, was born in the former and have resided in the latter since I was 5 and my father left to Argentina for good taking me with him. I KNOW I am so much better of under the influence of my father’s European family and will continue the process of dilution by marrying White, so that my children also have very good futures. My mother was dark skinned,but my father’s pure blood gave me a deep olive skin tone,green gray eyes, and long dark hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my children has the appearance of full Whiteness. My mother was frankly a damn fool to run off a European White man,but I won’t make that mistake and advise you not to either.

  5. Maurin Quina says:

    That’s a major red flag. He’s not dating you for you: he appears fascinated with the idea of interracial couples, and is using you to play out his fantasy. Find someone genuine.

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