Dating White Men Saved My Life

HaniAirportTahani Tompkins,
Chicago, IL.

Black Dating in Chicago is foray in fuggary like no other. I’ve been cast down, used, and shamed for just being a brown woman that desired basic human respect from black men. Some friends and I decided to stop waiting, and hating,….. and crying and lying about this reality. We said well if brothas can’t get down with the brown maybe white will be right. Years later, I’ve experienced the city in a way I never could have fathomed. I finally feel worthy, and one of my friends is in her first real relationship ever. I thank God for my choice to date white. Had I not, I would be suicidal, lonely, and angry. This race card is dedicated to the sistas sitting at home on a Saturday night with a gaggle of similar sistas. Lonely. Its time you basked in the bright. WHITE. light.


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