Defined by race – who am I?

018e3a6c94ed2195cb87da700b67dfab5ac2025ad8Jamie Lee Myers
Jacksonville, FL

Many people seem to identify who they are by their race. We also all seem to have a tendency toward making assumptions based on how people look. I am fair with naturally red hair that is currently blonde. Most think I am Irish and that is in my family tree, but I am so mixed that its confusing. People tell me ‘just act white’ but is that who I am? does that define me because that is how I look. Can’t I pick up other traits or behave in ways characterized by other portions of my ethnicity? My great grand father was black (though family classify him as Cuban), another great grandfather was of the Erie tribe (according to family lore) and lot of other nationalities are mixed in. How can I decide who I am? What identifies me?


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