I didn’t ask for this privilege.

rlw-picRebecca Whiting,
Northport, AL.

I thought very deeply about what I wanted to use to best express myself for this card. With my personal experience, I do know the benefits of white privilege, and what access that gives me to various different facets of our American society. I do not say this to make other whites feel guilty, only instead as a way of helping people realize that not everyone is born with the same advantages that a caucasian person has. These struggles are unique to the minorities of America, and should not be brushed off simply because the majority race does not face them on a day to day basis.
However, I do face some disadvantages as a woman, but these are far less than those that women of color face, or even the discrimination that sexual minorities face as well. Being aware of these privileges that I have allows me to use it to my own advantage, as well as being an advocating voice for those who wouldn’t otherwise be heard simply because of the color of their skin. With this, I hope to help in enacting racial equality into the 21st century not only in my city and on my campus, The University of Alabama, but also hopefully on a larger state or national scale.


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