Difference between Phillando and me? Nothing.


As a black man, who – though I hate the phrase, acts very “white”, I feel as though you have act a certain way to fit into society and get less harassed. I don’t act white on purpose, it’s just who I am; how I was raised. Nonetheless, this “act” shouldn’t have to be.

We all know the number 1 rule, don’t scare white people. When this happens, we die.

This bothers me. And, there is a small amount of guilt, because why am I not dead too? What made me so special to escape with a warning and my life.

Is it because I drive a nice car, wear business clothes, don’t have dreads? Because I’m middle class, don’t sound black-american, or some other litte thing. Is it because I have a white sounding name, and both work in a white rural area and live in a predominantly white suburb? Is it because my fiance is white and if people see us together then I must be “safe” one?

What makes my life worth more, than that of my brothers?

It is because I was a good little negro and didn’t scare the white man.

It is because I have to supress my pride and my identity, my fierceness, my swag, when I confront authority eye to eye, man to man.

I have to be a smiling non-threatening “friendly black” and they mostly leave me alone.

Sometimes I sick of it. I am black, and proud. “I am a man.” Stop killing us.


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