Is it because we’re different colors?

Jerry Cordaro
Cleveland, OH

I’m Caucasian, my wife is African-American, and we’re the parents of two kids. Because of our work schedules, I’m usually the one doing pickup and drop-off, and a few summers ago I was picking them up from camp. My son is light-skinned, and there was a little boy about six or seven years old who kept staring back and forth between us. He finally asked, “Are you his dad?” and I said, “Yes.” Then his sister (who’s much darker) came over, and he asked, “Is that his sister?” and again, “Yes.” He kept looking at all three of us and there was obviously something he wanted to say but couldn’t figure out how. Finally, I asked, “Is it because we’re different colors?” and this huge smile came on his face and he nodded. “Well, let’s look, ” I said, and showed him our arms, then his arm, so he could see that we were ALL different colors and it wasn’t that big a deal. After he moment, he said “Let’s go over to the door!” and they ran over to get a better light.


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