Different hues outside; same fears inside.

me-without-chaseandkaylaLuke Brad Bobo,
Ballwin, MO.

We may be different hues, shapes, etc. on the outside but we share a common humanity – we have many of the same fears, same dreams, same wants, same concerns, etc.

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One Response to "Different hues outside; same fears inside."
  1. Lazaro Rosales says:

    Probably, but not everyone shares the same path to solving/achieving those fears, dreams, wants or concerns. Some people (disregarding the color of our skins) will choose to take shortcuts and commit crimes for a quick buck. Living short-sighted and oblivious of the consequences. Other people will work hard and pay attention to the laws in their vicinity and attempt to belong and become a productive member of their community.

    Some communities have mentalities instilled over generations of people being selfish, self-destructive, violent, etc. A sad part of Black America is that many of the “ghettos” which are inhabited by Black majorities tend to exhibit these mentalities, but it’s not exclusive to blacks, they are just the highest percentage. There’s also Hispanic and White ghettos out there exhibiting the same criminal behavior. It doesn’t mean that everyone within those ghettos is bad, is just that their environmental factors put them at a disadvantage to the rest.

    The question is: How do we fix this kind of situation? Many people will give you different answers: war on poverty, war on drugs, war on violence. Whatever the case, the root of the problem is hardly ever tackled. Culture, the “norm” instilled by those forefathers of those communities, needs a strong overhaul. That requires a strong shift on that mentality by the leaders of those communities, and that is extremely difficult to attain.

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