Discovering others judgments after finding love.

IMG_8076Lauren Bing,
North Canton, OH.

A little over two years ago, my eyes were opened to the unspoken opinions of the people closest to me. I met a guy who had such a great personality, we got along so well and he treated me like I deserved nothing less than being treated right. I couldn’t have been happier…until I started telling other people about my happiness. It started with some of my closest friends. It was a normal conversation telling your friends about your latest crush and showing them a picture. I couldn’t stop smiling until one of my friends made the comment, “thats nice but you can’t date him.” I sat there for a second then asked why? She simply said, “because he’s black.” At that moment my views shifted. I responded by saying “what matters what color he is if he treats me right?” She had nothing to say. She pointed out one thing that I hadn’t even thought twice about. I tried to let it go and still be happy. Then once I told my family I was taken by surprise again. My parents responded the worst. I couldn’t have been more shocked. I soon reverted inward and told no one about him. This took a toll on our relationship but we still chose to fight through their judgments. After months of keeping my personal life separate from my family I chose to speak up against their narrow views. I convinced my parents to meet him before continuing to judge him and they agreed. It didn’t happen overnight but they soon let their guards down and got to know him. It has been over two years and were still together. My family loves him and I can’t go anywhere without them asking about him. I wonder what would’ve happened if I never stood up for what I wanted. I am proud that I was able to change my family’s harsh misguided judgments while keeping my happiness.


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