Do not judge race by appearance

Stefano Pavone,
United Kingdom

I am of mixed Euro-Mediterranean descent – primarily Italian, with some Greek and Spanish as well. Given that the Mediterranean region of Europe has a story of conquest by external peoples (Moors, Ottomans, Romans, etc.), it is difficult to exactly pinpoint the ethnic genesis of its people, as it not consistent like with other nations and cultures. Another issue I have encountered is that the American and European definitions of a “Latin person” differ, so while I may be on a technical level half-white, half-Latino in Europe, in America I would be considered white only. I wish to put forward that ANYONE can be racist regardless of skin colour, heritage or philosophy. If true equality is to be achieved, then we must all be held accountable for our prejudices and learn to overcome them. If someone tells you they are of a certain ethnic group, then please try to respect them and try not to judge by their looks – to do so and to actively mock or deride them based on their appearance is in itself racial profiling.


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