“Do you speak Chinese?” *face palm*

For starters, I’m Korean, so no, no Chinese for me beyond “ni hao” and “xie xie”, which I learned from TV travel shows. Secondly, I was adopted as a baby by parents I like to refer to as American Euro-mutts–English, Irish, German, French, and a touch of Choctaw, and that’s just my dad’s side. My first language (and the only one I’m fluent in) is English, and I took four years of Spanish in school. I know maybe six words in Korean, which I’m sure would be frowned upon by my biological forebears. But I’m an American. I’ve been a citizen since before I started school. As much as I honor and appreciate my Asian heritage, that’s not me. I’ve eaten more salsa and chicken fried steak than I have kimchi and bulgogi. And I’m fine with that. My race or my parents’ race is not my primary identifier as a person.


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