Dominican/Mexican White California Surfer Boy

Andrees-play-and-Harmony-Headlands-086Alfredo Zavala,
Paso Robles, CA.

Grew up in Southern California to a Mexican father and a Dominican mother in a bi-lingual home. I am the product of many cultures. Mexican, Dominican, American, Californian, Surfer/skater/ punk, Catholic, Evangelical and Latino White boy in east LA and Orange County. Caribbean music is part of my DNA as is X. Platano majado and In n Out. Jesus and Dogtown. Didn’t have a PBJ most of my childhood – ” Latinos don’t eat peanut butter!” My Mother sweared to her dying day that she never ate a hamburger. I can’t say I ever saw her eating one… Crazy life but I loved it! Soy Americano!


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