“Donald Trump: we’re not like him.”

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

Last year when the police brutality shootings started, my parents talked to me about what happened, they were really surprised and I was to. I wondered why these policemen would do such a thing when we have come so far with racism. I run into racism a lot during school: people saying racist jokes and people saying racist stuff to their friends just playing around with them, like “you’re so white I need sunglasses to look at you” when they say that you know there just joking around so it doesn’t hurt. Me and my friends have done these things we have said these things to each other, we all laugh at the jokes we say. The reason why I chose this six word memoir was because I think some people expect all white people to be racist and that’s not true, it’s actually racist to think that. Sometimes when I talk about racism I feel a little guilty because the whites were very racist towards blacks . I think I am very exposed to the problem because my school is very diverse. We are doing a project about race and racism, and also making merchandise which will hopefully create dialogue about race and racism. I used to think that racism wasn’t a problem because before the past two years there hasn’t been a lot of problems, but due to the problems we are facing today, I think we need to fix it. The police are supposed to be protecting us, instead some of them are choosing to go back to the way our country used to be.

Racism is Taught

Racism is taught, you aren’t born racist. If we were born with racism wouldn’t we have always been racist? According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), “For the past 500 years, people have been taught how to interpret and understand racism. Also, scientists attempted to classify human races based on variations in characteristics such as skin color, hair color, form, eye color, facial anatomy, and blood groups. In the recent past, various scientists, such as Franz Boas, have divided us into anywhere between three and more than thirty different races, without any success. Most of these hypothetical “races” were developed using assumptions about genetic relationships and distributions among different human populations.” That means this horrible thing has been taught to generations and generations of people in our world. Now we know racism is a problem we need to stop in our society, we need to fix this as soon as possible. If someone who were to disagree they might say if we weren’t born with racism how was it created. Well, it was created. When explorers from Europe landed on the islands with tribes they categorized them into races. According to the American Anthropology Association. After you read this, if you hear a racist comment I want you to stop it and tell them not to do that, to help our community.


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