Don’t Bring Home No White Girls


Said a well travelled Black American female veteran to her biracial, trilingual, and dual citizen son. Behind her, in full agreement, stood her Eastern European Jewish husband. As madly in love as was at first sight, their relationship was taboo, condemned by family and friends alike. Now years later they faced their resultant son, looked in his light colored eyes and set him right. If he didn’t want any trouble and to keep his future bright, keep all White women out of sight! They only had their son’s best interests in mind, because both had known Black and Mulatto young men who had thrown their lives away by chasing after White American women that then uttered the dreaded 4 letter word….Rape.

In turn he smiled at them amusedly, took a few clumsy steps forward on his long skinny chicken legs, exactly like those of his towering father, and bent, though not too far because his mother was also quite tall, to plant a kiss on her round ebony cheek. In his low deep voice as he pushes his thick glasses back up on his face he says, “Why would I chase a ghost, when I have had the epitome of beauty before my eyes for nearly 23 years?” As he had done as small boy, when people thought this gorgeous Nubian Goddess who was closer to 50 than 40 but was often accused of being only 30 was merely his nanny, the son holds his mother’s face in hands and stares at her adoringly. “I learned how to appreciate real beauty young.” Then he smiles bashfully at his father and concludes, “Apuci(Daddy), I am going to get one of these fine models for myself. Where should I look?” It was very clear that though the well-brought up young man respected all women, his heart would ALWAYS belong to a fiery,gorgeous, and loyal ‘Sistah’.


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