I Don’t Get To Be Colorblind

Jenn-profile2Jenn M. Jackson,
Chicago, IL.

Every single day I am accused of “making things about race.” I’m told that I’m “looking for racism” in everything. I’m told I must lead a sad, angsty life since I can’t stop pulling the “race card.” I often get this feedback from Whites who feel uncomfortable when I note their privilege or that institutional racism creates a self-perpetuating system of “haves” and “have nots.” But, those folks overlook the fact that asking me to ignore race isn’t the same as asking a White person who likely doesn’t face systemic bias each day. Me ignoring race is me shutting out, avoiding, and silencing a central part of my lived experience in the United States. It’s unnatural. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not me. I just don’t get to be colorblind. I’m not sure I would if I could. But, most importantly, it’s my responsibility not to ignore race especially in this day and time. I’m okay with that.

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One Response to "I Don’t Get To Be Colorblind"
  1. Barry Irving says:

    …what you feel inside and stand for is different than what you may project aggressively or passive aggressively. Sounds like you lecture people semantically…that’s probably annoying and of course Race doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate. the White Supremacist – not the institution…the Idiot who today are making it a practice stop and harass non aggressive Hispanics in public laces and berate them for Speaking Spanish in public. This is a White Woman who is stomping on the Constitution …a document that is meant to protect us from this kind of treatment ethically…problem is that the ethical consideration is entirely voluntary. Taking it as a responsibility to lecture Whites on Racism every time “YOU” perceive it to be such is no a Socially balanced practice unless you are ONLY HERE TO DISRUPT SOCIETY. That mentality usually leads to Rebellion of a Revolutionary type historically, when it becomes pervasive because people have not figured out how to navigate this society…and there fore feel victimized by it’s devices…that the privileged navigate easily…if you look at the human social, you see this Wall where ever the top lives and has reach…that wall is the wall of affluence…whether affluent power v.s. poor or White v.s. Black, the struggle v.s privilege is nearly identical in structure. the Affluent Power V.S. poor struggle is also Black / African American

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